The UN Country Team welcomes the constructive dialogue with Uzbekistan at the recent Human Rights Committee review

Statement by the UN Resident Coordinator at the online hearing on the UN Human Rights Committee review of the Fifth Periodic Report of Uzbekistan

The UN Country Team welcomes the constructive dialogue with Uzbekistan at the recent Human Rights Committee review. On behalf of the UN Country Team, I very much appreciate the opportunity to join this Parliamentary hearing today.

The UN Country Team welcomes the constructive dialogue with Uzbekistan at the recent Human Rights Committee review.

I would also like to acknowledge the robust cooperation between the UN Country Team and the Government in several areas highlighted by the Committee as positive, including: progress in elimination of child and forced labour, strengthened judicial independence, capacity-building of the ombudsperson, the new legal framework for gender equality and for preventing violence against women, and enhanced fight against corruption. UNDP, OHCHR, UNODC, ILO, UNFPA, UNICEF and others have all played an important part in supporting this work.

I would also like to acknowledge the ongoing cooperation with national partners in connection to upholding human rights during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Committee addressed several key areas, in which national legislation requires the adoption of new regulations or revision and bringing in conformity with the international human rights principles and standards.

Among these priorities, let me highlight a few:

  • The importance to take all measures to ensure the implementation of all pending Views expressed by the Committee, including under the Optional Protocol (individual complaints);
  • The need to further revise recently adopted anti-corruption legislation to ensure compliance with the international standards;
  • The need for comprehensive legislation prohibiting discrimination, in all spheres, in both the public and the private sectors;
  • The need to strengthen the legal framework for the protection of women against violence, including by explicitly criminalizing marital rape and domestic violence;
  • The need to address existing restrictions on the right to freedom of association (registration of NGOs and regulations of their activities).
  • The need to revise the national counter-extremism legislation and bring it into full compliance with the international human rights standards;
  • The need to revise the current regulations on Mass Communication, Information Technologies and the Use of the Internet which unduly restricts freedom of expression;
  • The need to address undue restrictions imposed by the national legislation on the right to stand for election;
  • The importance of repealing article 120 of the Criminal Code, and taking measures to prevent violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity;
  • The importance of a comprehensive national asylum system that conforms with international standards.  

I would like to confirm that the UN Country Team is working to support the Government in several of these areas, and we stand ready to expand its cooperation across all mentioned areas.

In conclusion, the UNCT believes that the Committee’s recommendations provide a useful framework for fulfilling international obligations on human rights, improving living conditions for people, and strengthening the State and civil society.

We are ready to support Government with developing and implementing a robust action plan on the Committee’s recommendations and notes the pivotal role of the Oliy Majlis in its development and implementation.

We also note the importance of further empowering of civil society, including through amendment of existing NGO legislation in line with international standards.

And finally, we commend ongoing cooperation on national human rights strategy and look forward to the inclusion of recommendations received from the international community and independent civil society in the final iteration.

Thank you for your attention!


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Helena Fraser
Resident Coordinator
Helena Fraser
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